Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard
2021 Lithology

Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard

Cabernet Franc


750mL Bottle
Sold Out

A very deep, saturated purple color, almost black in fact, greets you as you gaze into this wine. The nose has a remarkable intensity. This vintage welcomes you with heady floral aromas as if you’re sniffing from the middle of a bouquet of wildflowers. Hints of dillweed, sage, and toasted hazelnut linger as well. At first sip, you’re greeted with candied apple, red licorice, pomegranate, anise and dried rosemary. This is a complex wine with additional flashes of grapefruit, conifer, and black plum skins. Full bodied, but not overpowering. The fine tannins coat your entire mouth.

Released — February 1st, 2024

86 cases produced

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Johnathan Cristaldi, Decanter

Lithology’s Beckstoffer To Kalon Cabernet Franc is a riveting, opulent, flashy red, embodying everything there is to love about a full-flavored California red wine. Loaded with blue fruit that will surely mellow with age, but for classicists looking forward to a finesse-driven Cabernet Franc, look elsewhere. This is larger-than-life Cabernet Franc, and there’s no denying the delicious factor, fueled by layers of blueberry, plum, and boysenberry fruit tinged with sweet cedar spices. A generous dose of minerality overtakes the mid-palate, and dusty tannins build on the finish, which gains in savory saline edges. One can see a window into the future of this wine, which is bright and more refined as it will eventually shed some of its youthful exuberance.


The most celebrated vineyard in Napa Valley, this special site on the Oakville Bench has been producing wines of the “highest beauty” for nearly 150 years. We are fortunate enough to pull from three of Andy Beckstoffer’s top blocks for Lithology.

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